How we excel

We support the Medical Device industry by developing complex business cases


Stress Testing New Product Development

By employing advanced analytical techniques and simulation models, we assess various scenarios, identifying potential risks and maximizing chances of success.

Developing Patient-Centric Marketing Strategies

We recognize the significance of tailoring marketing strategies to put patients at the forefront.

Introducing a Comorbidity/Condition-Centric Approach

By analyzing the intersections between different conditions and identifying needs, we enable our clients to design solutions
Our Expertise & Focus

Sector & Segment blends the medical and technological expertise necessary to assess patient needs and identify opportunities in this innovative sector.

  • Medtech includes products & services used to treat/manage or otherwise improve the quality of life of patients ranging from smartphone applications in FemTech to infusion sets.
  • We take a holistic perspective in this sector, spanning patient needs, medical trends, and technological advancements, allowing us to bring in solutions tailored to each of our clients’ challenges.

Our Difference

We develop strong value propositions focusing on a condition-centric approach and holistic management

Winning consumers in the long run increasingly means offering supporting services in order to become the “partner of choice” for patients and caregivers throughout their journey. Consequently, medical device companies are compelled to act faster and more efficiently, all while adding value for the patient. Through a deeper understanding of patient and HCP beliefs and behaviours across medical settings (acute vs. post-acute), we can support this process by developing stronger value propositions with our clients.

Areas of focus

Therapeutic Areas we have worked on:


Orthopaedic devices


Devices and digital applications for motor movement rehabilitation and monitoring


Ostomy devices


Wound care devices, including dressings and negative pressure


Infusion care


Nutritional pumps & other devices


Self-diagnosis devices and digital tools


Case Studies

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Our Sectors

Other Areas of Expertise

Healthcare Products

Sector & Segment takes pride in being experts in a range of healthcare solutions, understanding the unique market dynamics, competitive ecosystems, and regulatory regimes that define the healthcare landscape. This allows us to offer highly specific solutions according to the challenges and knowledge needs of our clients.

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Therapeutic Areas

Sector & Segment has experience navigating the challenges of specific therapeutic areas, including identifying patient needs, HCP preferences, and pain points. This expertise allows us to effectively conduct research and support clients in improving their market positioning.

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