Our Capabilities

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Research & Consulting

Comprehensive Understanding of the Market

A good value proposition and corporate strategy need to be grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the market. Companies that undertake this kind of thorough exercise are able to build stronger value propositions and realistic business forecasts.

In-Depth Knowledge of the Client’s Marketplace

Our consulting support stems from an in-depth knowledge of our client’s marketplace, which we acquire by conducting our own independent research. We work with our clients to identify strategic pillars and battlefields, which we then transform into a concrete plan of action at both the country and product category level.

Tailored Quantitative Solutions

Our team also has extensive experience producing tailored quantitative solutions to solve ongoing business problems. We work with clients to estimate the potential in highly technical markets, forecast growth, and organize and analyse both external and internal data.

Senior Support for Agile Engagements

Senior support is ensured throughout the process, leading to more agile engagements; efforts can always be redirected to further explore unforeseen business opportunities.


We offer tailored support in the following areas

Qualitative Capabilities

  • Market Landscape and Opportunity Assessment
  • Growth Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy Development & Distributor Search
  • Voice of Costumer (VOC)
  • Costumer Segmentation
  • Branding Strategies
  • New Concept Validation
  • Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking
  • Capability Building Strategy Development
  • M&A

Quantitative Capabilities

  • Market Sizing
  • Market Forecasting
  • Business Case Modelling
  • P&L Construction
  • ROI Assessment

Additional Capabilities

  • Clinical Evidence Reviews
  • Script Writing