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Medical Nutrition and Consumer Health

Medical Nutrition and Consumer Health (including nutritional supplements) are growing markets driven by an ageing population, increased incidence of food allergies, and a trend towards wellbeing, wellness, and better nutrition.

Medical Nutrition

Medical Nutrition in particular requires an understanding of very different national health systems, each with different stakeholders and reimbursement models. Pressure on cost from medical payers is forcing companies to innovate in order to avoid the threat of commoditisation.

Consumer Health

Consumer Health comes with its own challenges including heightened competition due to lower barriers to entry and creating compelling DTC communication.
Medical Supplements

Over the years, our team has conducted over 100 strategic projects in 30 countries across 14 therapeutic areas of Specialised Nutrition.

Our team has extensive experience in covering strategy, market research, and commercial excellence challenges across a variety of health objectives, therapeutic areas and settings (e.g. medical facilities such as public and private GPs, specialist practices, care homes and pharmacies; wellness channels such as gym clubs, weight-loss and wellness centres).

Areas of focus

Our specialised nutrition practice covers a broad range of medical and non-medical nutritional sectors


Parenteral / Intravenous Nutrition


Tube / Oral Medical Nutrition, across majority of Therapeutic Areas


Early Life Nutrition (Infant and Growing-up Milks, Nutritional Drink Supplements)


Nutrition for Food Allergy


Vitamin & Mineral and Nutritional Supplements


Weight Loss Products


Sleep Aids


Sports Nutrition


Pet Prescription Diets


Case Studies

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Our Sectors

Other Areas of Expertise

Healthcare Products

Sector & Segment takes pride in being experts in a range of healthcare solutions, understanding the unique market dynamics, competitive ecosystems, and regulatory regimes that define the healthcare landscape. This allows us to offer highly specific solutions according to the challenges and knowledge needs of our clients.

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Therapeutic Areas

Sector & Segment has experience navigating the challenges of specific therapeutic areas, including identifying patient needs, HCP preferences, and pain points. This expertise allows us to effectively conduct research and support clients in improving their market positioning.

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