Our Expertise and Focus

We have worked in close collaboration with leading global dermocosmetic companies, helping them win market share in equity channels

The dermocosmetic industry needs to rapidly adapt to ever-changing consumer preferences for personalised medical skincare. And companies face constant pressure to refine and adjust their segmentation, product pipelines and business models to stay competitive in a market driven by investments in scientifically backed innovations.

How we can help

Supporting our clients differentiate in a fragmented market and improve their performance

  • Sector & Segment has built a particularly powerful methodology to analyse the niche, rapidly expanding sectors of dermocosmetics, where fragmentation is often perceived by our client as a hurdle for segmentation and revenue growth.
  • We provide tailored research and analysis to track and monitor preferences, whilst also advising on growth opportunities, competitive strategy, and sales and marketing effectiveness.

areas of focus

We have expertise in the following sectors


Dermocosmetics [or Medical Skincare]


Dermal Fillers and Aesthetic Treatments


Spa Cosmetics


Case Studies

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Our Sectors

Other Areas of Expertise

Healthcare Products

Sector & Segment takes pride in being experts in a range of healthcare solutions, understanding the unique market dynamics, competitive ecosystems, and regulatory regimes that define the healthcare landscape. This allows us to offer highly specific solutions according to the challenges and knowledge needs of our clients.

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Therapeutic Areas

Sector & Segment has experience navigating the challenges of specific therapeutic areas, including identifying patient needs, HCP preferences, and pain points. This expertise allows us to effectively conduct research and support clients in improving their market positioning.

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