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The Innovative Year 2024 for Ostomy: Coloplast and ConvaTec Lead the Way in Care and Technology

Published on 1 July 2024
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In the dynamic field of medical care, 2024 stands as a landmark year for ostomy care, characterised by groundbreaking innovations from leading companies like Coloplast and ConvaTec. An ostomy, a surgical procedure creating an opening (stoma) in the body for the discharge of bodily wastes, has traditionally been managed with basic pouches and care techniques. However, recent advancements in technology and a deeper understanding of patient needs are driving a significant shift in ostomy management. This analysis focuses on the major competitors in the ostomy care market, Coloplast and ConvaTec, and their specific technologies launched in 2024.

Key Launches and Technologies

a) Digital Leakage Notification

As part of their Strive25 strategy, Coloplast aims to elevate the standard of care for users and expedite the introduction of innovative products to the market. The launch of Heylo™ exemplifies this commitment, marking a major advancement in personalised care. A pilot study published in the British Journal of Nursing highlighted the impact of Heylo™ on reducing worry and improving quality of life for ostomates. The study found that users reported a significant decrease in anxiety related to potential leakages and a notable improvement in their overall quality of life1.

Coloplast: Heylo
  • Launch Date and Location: 2024, globally. This product was launched in key markets such as the UK, Germany, and the US, reflecting Coloplast’s strategy to address diverse needs globally234.
  • Product Details: Heylo™ is the world’s first digital leakage notification system, designed to provide early alerts for potential leaks. It received reimbursement approval in the UK starting in July 2024. This product constantly monitors for leakage one thousand times an hour and notifies the user immediately through a connected app, significantly reducing worry and improving quality of life for users.

b) Advanced Convex Solutions

The ostomy care market is increasingly moving towards convex solutions due to the growing recognition of their benefits, particularly for patients with uneven or retracted stomas. Convex barriers provide enhanced security and comfort by adapting to the body's contours more effectively than flat barriers. This trend is driven by the need for better fit and leak prevention, which are critical concerns for ostomates.

Coloplast: SenSura® Mio Convex Soft with Flex Couplin

  • Launch Date and Location: 2024, globally, including the UK, Germany, and the US. This product will be introduced in key markets over the next nine months, starting in Italy and France in May 2024.
  • Product Details: Coloplast expanded the SenSura® Mio range with new variants, including the SenSura® Mio Convex Soft with Flex Coupling. This extension of the SenSura® Mio line is designed for patients requiring a convex solution, offering flexibility and a secure fit to adapt to different body contours. Coloplast is also launching SenSura Mio Convex Soft with Flex coupling to reach more users that need convexity and 2-piece solutions567.

ConvaTec: Esteem Body™ with Leak Defense™

  • Launch Date and Location: 2024, launched in Italy in February, followed by the US, UK, Germany, Australia, France, Canada, Japan, and Brazil. These launches reflect ConvaTec’s strategy to provide advanced ostomy care solutions to a diverse global population, addressing the need for better fit and leak prevention in various body types and stoma shapes⁹¹⁰¹¹.

Esteem Body™ with Leak Defense™ combines several advanced features, including:

  • Leak Defense™: A barrier designed to provide enhanced security and prevent leaks, a critical concern for ostomates8.
  • Soft Convexity: Offers flexibility and comfort by adapting to the body's contours, which is particularly beneficial for patients with uneven or retracted stomas9.
  • Versatile Solutions: Available in multiple formats to cater to different types of ostomies and user needs, ensuring comprehensive care and customisation10.
  • Secure Fit: The combination of 'tension location' and 'convex depth' helps achieve a secure and personalised fit for various body types and stoma shapes1112.

c) Aesthetic and Functional Innovations

Coloplast: SenSura® Mio Black Bags

  • Launch Date and Location: 2024, globally. The first variants of the SenSura Mio in black will be introduced in key markets over the next six months, starting with Italy, France, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands in May 2024.
  • Product Details: Offering a new aesthetic option within the existing SenSura® Mio range, these black bags cater to user preferences for more discreet and stylish ostomy solutions. This launch is aimed at providing more product choices for people with a stoma, recognising the importance of variety for those adapting to life post-surgery. The black bags not only offer a sleek and modern look but also incorporate all the trusted features of the SenSura® Mio range, ensuring optimal performance and comfort for users567.

Among the various innovative products launched in 2024, the Coloplast Heylo™ stands out as the most disruptive and innovative. While other products such as ConvaTec's Esteem Body™ with Leak Defense™ offer significant improvements in skin protection and fit, the Heylo™ system goes a step further by integrating advanced technology into ostomy care.

Why Coloplast Heylo™ is Most Disruptive:

Digital Leakage Notification (Heylo™): The Heylo™ system’s integration of digital technology to provide early alerts for potential leaks sets it apart from other products. This technology allows users to manage their ostomy care more proactively and effectively, significantly reducing the risk of complications and improving overall quality of life123.

User reviews from blogs and forums have highlighted several key advantages of the Heylo™ system. For instance, Pedro mentioned, "I can sleep better because I don't have to look all the time." Another user, interviewed by the British Journal of Nursing, stated, "Heylo helps me manage my day without constantly worrying about leaks"1.

These user testimonials underscore the unique benefits of the Coloplast Heylo™, making it the most innovative and disruptive ostomy product launched in 2024. This reflects Coloplast’s ambition to maintain industry leadership: “As part of our 2025 strategy, Strive25, we set an ambition to significantly raise the standard of care for our users and bring new products to market at a higher pace. I am excited to see that our Innovation unit continues to deliver on this commitment […] in Ostomy Care,” says Nicolai Buhl Andersen, Executive Vice President of Innovation at Coloplast234.

The global market for ostomy care products is witnessing a significant transformation driven by these innovations. According to recent market analyses, the ostomy care market is projected to reach USD 5 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 6% from 2024. This growth is fuelled by the increasing prevalence of ostomy surgeries, rising awareness about advanced care products, and the proactive role of key market players in promoting innovative solutions. Countries with the highest number of ostomy users, such as the United States (725,000), China (700,000), and Japan (350,000), are leading the demand for these advancements. In the United States, the high prevalence of colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease are key drivers. In China, the large population and increasing incidence of colorectal cancer contribute significantly to market growth. Japan's high incidence of colorectal cancer also makes it a major market. Other significant markets include Germany (130,000), where a high standard of healthcare drives demand, Russia (100,000), the United Kingdom (100,000), France (80,000), Italy (70,000), Brazil (65,000), and Canada (55,000), all contributing to the expanding global market.

A crucial factor in the adoption of these new technologies is regulatory approval. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have streamlined processes for approving advanced medical devices, recognising their potential to improve patient outcomes. Recent clinical studies13 have shown that smart ostomy devices and advanced barriers significantly reduce complication rates and improve the overall quality of life for ostomates. These studies provide the necessary clinical evidence to support widespread adoption and reimbursement by healthcare systems.

Successful implementation of these innovations also hinges on effective patient education and support. Healthcare providers are increasingly focusing on training ostomates to use new technologies effectively. Online platforms and support groups play a vital role in this regard, offering tutorials, user experiences, and expert advice. Companies are also investing in robust customer support services to assist users in adapting to new products and addressing any issues promptly.

The advancements of 2024 are setting a new standard in ostomy care, with far-reaching implications for the future. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect further improvements in the functionality and convenience of ostomy products. Integration with broader health monitoring systems could provide a more holistic approach to managing the health of ostomates. Additionally, ongoing research into materials science will likely yield even better skin protection solutions.

The focus on personalisation and patient-centric care models underscores a broader trend in healthcare towards individualised treatment plans. This approach not only improves clinical outcomes but also enhances patient satisfaction and engagement. As these innovations become more mainstream, the stigma associated with ostomies may also diminish, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for those affected.

The year 2024 marks a pivotal moment in the history of ostomy care. Technological innovations, advanced materials, and a patient-centred approach are transforming the management of ostomies, offering new hope and improved quality of life for millions worldwide. As the market for these innovative solutions grows, ongoing collaboration between healthcare providers, patients, and manufacturers will be crucial to sustaining this momentum and ensuring that all ostomates can benefit from these advancements. The future of ostomy care is bright, with 2024 setting the stage for continued progress and innovation.

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