Workshop Facilitation

“Our sector expertise enables us to deliver engaging workshops with clear shared outcomes. We ensure inclusive and collaborative decision-making among participants to set up strategic objectives and a plan for action”

We have extensive expertise in organising virtual and in-person workshops – encouraging positive engagement among participants, across business functions and seniority levels.

Our workshops can be part of our Research & Consulting work with clients or can be organised independently (e.g. Expert Panel facilitation). When part of our consulting process, we use our own in-depth research and analysis as the foundation for the group to brainstorm on goals and a feasible plan of action. External insights, in fact, can be summarised and compared with current internal practices and beliefs as a way to challenge and evolve the “internal storytelling” for better business outcomes.

We craft each workshop carefully and time-efficiently, establishing a shared language among participants, creating a platform to generate ideas, and to openly discuss different perspectives.

Thanks to this approach, we have developed a stress-tested process that breaks down a workshop in individual sessions that focus on and explore different aspects of clients’ critical strategic challenges. The outcome is always a fully shared commitment on strategy implementation.