Specialised nutrition

“Over the years, our team has conducted 80 strategic projects in 25 countries across 12 therapeutic areas of Specialised Nutrition”

Specialised Nutrition is a growing market driven by an ageing population, increased incidence of food allergies, and the trend toward wellbeing, wellness and better nutrition. 

This industry is increasingly complex: Medical Nutrition, in particular, requires an understanding of very different national health systems, each with different stakeholders and payment methods. Pressure on cost from medical payers is forcing companies to innovate in order to avoid the threat of commoditisation. Sector & Segment helps its Medical Nutrition clients to navigate through this complex ecosystem.

Our team has extensive experience in covering strategy, market research and commercial excellence challenges across a variety of health objectives and therapeutic areas and a comprehensive spectrum of hospital and medical community settings (e.g. public and private GPs and specialist practices, and care homes) as well as pharmacies and wellness channels (e.g. gym clubs, weight-loss and wellness centres).

Our Specialised Nutrition practice covers a broad range of medical and non-medical nutritional sectors:

  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Tube / Oral Medical Nutrition, across majority of Therapeutic Areas
  • Early Life Nutrition (Infant and Growing-up Milks, Nutritional Drink Supplements)
  • Nutrition for Food Allergy
  • Meat-Substitution and Alternative Protein Foods
  • Weight Loss Products
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Pet Prescription Diets

Sectors Insights

Does more complexity mean more value for Medical Nutrition?

In the past 10 years, the Medical Nutrition (“MN”) sector has shown significant evolution of its sales and marketing approach. For a long time, this sector targeted dietitian teams based in hospitals with relatively simple product lines segmented by age groups...