Medical devices

“We support the Medical Device industry by developing complex business cases to 1) stress test new product development and business strategies, 2) develop more patient-centric marketing strategies, and 3) bring a more comorbidity/condition-centric approach to their businesses”

Our focus on medical devices has come as a natural extension of our strong expertise in Medical Nutrition. As the Medical Nutrition industry is adopting a more condition-centric approach, we have to think holistically about patient management. This includes both nutritional and non-nutritional treatments and solutions which result in more precise outcomes and better quality of life.

Medical Devices are increasingly being subject to cost and compliance pressures from health authorities, as well as intensified competition that is driving a more aggressive pace of innovation. Furthermore, winning consumers in the long run increasingly means offering supporting services in order to become the “partner of choice” for patients and caregivers throughout their journey. Consequently, medical device companies are compelled to act faster and more efficiently, all while adding value for the patient. Through a deeper understanding of patient and HCP beliefs and behaviours across medical settings (acute vs. post-acute), we can support this process by developing stronger value propositions with our clients.

Within the vast world of medical devices, our current areas of focus are in the following segments:

  • Orthopaedic devices
  • Devices and digital applications for motor movement rehabilitation and monitoring
  • Ostomy devices
  • Wound care devices, including dressings and negative pressure
  • Infusion care
  • Nutritional pumps & other devices
  • Self-diagnosis devices and digital tools

Sectors Insights

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