Environment & Sustainable Energy

The environmental industry is driven by the requirements of utilities and the industrial sector to reduce operational costs whilst guaranteeing that regulatory and other industrial requirements are met. Sector & Segment provides suppliers of environmental technologies and services with solutions that improve their market positioning and competitiveness, and help them enter new markets.

The environmental industry is a growing market defined by the opposing requirements for both higher quality and cost reduction. Environmental infrastructures are critical for both governments and operating industries, representing high running costs, especially in terms of energy. Therefore, the environmental industry is compelled to meet new demands from their clients to reduce the operational running costs of these critical equipment while assuring legal compliance.

We help our environmental & renewable energy clients to understand better their current market positioning across geographies and to develop the right go-to-market approaches in an evolving marketplace.
Other challenges we tackle with our clients include:

  • Sizing the potential of product / innovation pipelines
  • Stress testing planned product launches
  • Expanding applications of our client’s solutions to adjacent or new industrial sectors, whilst adapting to regulatory conditions for market access

Examples of industry segments we have worked on:

  • Water & Wastewater technologies
  • Municipal water services
  • Industrial water services
  • Waste Management
  • Waste-to-Energy