Corporate Video – Script Writing

“We support our clients in transforming multi-dimensional business ideas and hard data into unique, captivating stories to connect internal and external stakeholders to the business value proposition”.

Facts speak to minds while stories speak to hearts. Corporate videos which tell a story have increasingly become a popular alternative to traditional presentations and allow clients to make their mark and engage audiences. Corporate storytelling, however, requires a thorough understanding of the business to nurture an emotional connection to growth strategies, products, and services.

Our internal creative team, working alongside our senior consultants, have worked with clients across all stages of video production, particularly video concept, script writing, and storyboard designing. We also help clients coordinate and communicate effectively with illustration and production agencies.

Our internal creative team can offer support on a broad range of services:

Video Project Management

Video Concept

Script Writing

Storyboard Design

Image and Music Research

Voiceover Selection