About us

Sector & Segment Group is an independent, sector-focused market research and strategy consulting firm headquartered in London, UK, and operating globally.

Our goal is to provide customer and competitor analytics that can help clients in our core sectors to refine their current perceptions about their marketplace, build a competitive edge and achieve more business

Sector expertise

When it comes to market and customer data, we don’t believe that “one size fits it all”, which is why we are sector experts. We exclusively work on sectors that we know well, and offer highly specific sector solutions according to the challenges and knowledge needs of our clients.

Strategic support

Our team has a combination of market research and strategy consulting backgrounds and extensive experience in advising sales and marketing teams in our core sectors. This enables us to produce content that resonates with our customers’ strategic challenges and help them make better decisions.

Sales support

Our team has also experienced that top management strategies don’t go far if they can’t be translated into tactical plans with high impact on the top line. At Sector & Segment, we believe that “the sale is in the detail”; this is why we are committed to providing a highly detailed, 360-degree sector view, to help our customers get ahead of the knowledge curve and win more sales.